Hazel Gallery Pop-Up Featured Artist: Ella Johnston

Our featured artist for December is Ella Johnston. Ella is based in Wivenhoe, she moved there two years ago, but has fond memories of the place from when she was a student at University of Essex in the nineties, she says ‘I love the place more than ever now, living here is a delight’
Primarily inspired by nature, essentially Ella draws, and wow can she draw! ‘Put simply, I draw pictures, I concentrate on depicting birds and flowers because I find them endlessly charming and fascinating. No matter how precise, sensitive and sympathetic my line is, I can never ever match its majesty, fragility and beauty – you could say I was obsessed.’

ella copy

Ella’s incredibly intricate and beautiful work always starts with ‘a very sharp selection of pencils and a lovely thick watercolour paper’. She says ‘I also love working with super-fine blackfelt-tip pen – I adore the gorgeous lines it creates, the solid colour the pens produce and the way it sits on the paper. I’m using watercolour at the moment,  I like the soft gradated washes of texture and colour it makes – put them and the pen together and BOOM you get a lovely effect.’
‘I also love the process of drawing and line making, which can be an inspiration in itself, especially when I see work by other artists who really push the medium – I think come on Ella, raise your game.’
A range of Ella’s work including original screen-prints, stationery, greetings cards and Giclee prints of her stunning drawings are available from Hazel Gallery. Meet Ella at the first Hazel Gallery Art Fair on 7 December at The Waiting Room at the Old Bus Station in Colchester.

All images ©Ella Johnston 2013