‘ALLINTHEMAKING’ in Kiosk Two at The Waiting Room

The old left luggage kiosk has been transformed into a beautiful installation and shop until Christmas.

Sally Ure Reid has taken over Kiosk Two, next door to the Hazel Gallery pop up, with her exciting new  community craft and making project, ‘ALLINTHEMAKING’.

ALLINTHEMAKING supports people by helping them to move from unemployment to becoming self-employed. Sally says ‘We offer training of craft skills in sections of the community that do not have easy access to these skills and introduce the concept of craft working at home, providing skills for self sufficiency.’ The project also offers an outlet for selling the crafts that are made. Products are designed and made with a number of organisations in the Colchester area, including Red House, The Haven, Ceda and Signpost. The crafts on sale in Kiosk Two include beautiful white ceramic icicles  and upcycled furniture.

Sally explains a little about how she intends the project to evolve: ‘ALLINTHEMAKING aims to provide a service for designers to have their designs made locally. It can oversee the prototyping of the product and quality control. As a community interest company it will feed profits back into the community, similar to the well known ‘fair trade’ policy of products that are made abroad. Our aim is to counteract rising poverty and lack of skills closer to home.’

‘ALLINTHEMAKING’ is open in Kiosk Two at St Botolph’s Waiting Room Wed-Sat afternoons throughout December until Christmas.