Hazel Gallery Pop up Featured Artist: Lauren Kelly

laurencuttinglinoOur second featured artist for 2014 is Lauren Kelly, an Art Teacher and Printmaker from Wivenhoe. She took a Printmaking module whilst studying for her Masters and hasn’t looked back since.

Lauren has been making prints seriously for about three years, experimenting with many different methods before settling into Lino print with the occasional etching. She says “My love of printmaking started at university; even though I studied Graphic Design, I still used screen printing for a lot of my work. When I started teaching I studied for a Masters in Education and chose a Printmaking module as part of that – I haven’t stopped printing since!”

When it comes to lino, Lauren says “I really enjoy the process of cutting lino, its very therapeutic and I like the unpredictability of lino printing as a method. Every time you print it’s a surprise to see the outcome.”

Despite her claim of living in “the smallest house in Wivenhoe” Lauren still has room in her loft studio to draw, prepare and cut her lino. Luckily she can use the school (out of hours of course!) to get her printing done. “I feel really lucky being able to use my classroom, its like my own huge studio space!” she also managed to find and restore an old unused printing press, which now gets used in lessons. Lucky students!

Something else that Lauren gets from teaching is inspiration “I definitely learn as much from the pupils as they do from me, and taking them on regular trips to galleries always gives an inspirational boost.” Along with the Art Nouveau and Arts and Crafts movements, she also gets inspired closer to home “my brother is training as a tattoo artist and I’ve started to plan some prints based on traditional tattoo designs.” We can’t wait to see them!

Lauren Kelly Butterfly cardsA range of Lauren’s Lino printed work is available from Hazel Gallery, including her popular reduction prints and (a Hazel Gallery bestseller!) handprinted Butterfly greetings cards at £2 each.

All images © Lauren Kelly